The Power of We

Posted: October 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

What is the power of we?  This was the question I had to ask myself when asked to write for Blog Action Day.  I think “the power of we” is the power we exert over our government and society as a group.  This is the power that gets things changed in a constructive way in order to change the world in a positive way.  There are many large groups that exert this force over the population but I believe that small groups can be just as powerful.  It is said that united we stand, divided we fall.  This is true and I think that the “power of we” is an example of united we stand.

One group in particular that I have high respect for is the Peace Corps.  These volunteers devote their lives to the aid of the needy.  Traveling overseas, they live in some of the harshest conditions helping those that they have never met, ensuring that a hungry population is fed or that medicine is given to the sick.  They endure jungle heat, desert heat, foreign disease and many other dangers that could attack someone not use to a strange foreign environment.  They are some of the bravest and caring people in the world and deserve to be recognized.

There are other organizations that do important things but compared to the Peace Corps they fall short.  Groups such as Greenpeace have made drastic changes that have bettered the environmental aspect of the world indirectly through political protest but the Peace Corps directly impacts the people of the country they live in.  The Peace Corps exists with the people they are helping and can directly hear their needs.  Providing a wide variety of services, the Peace Corps supplies such things as education, health, business, environmental, youth development, and agricultural assistance.  The Peace Corps exist in Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Asia proper, The Caribbean, North Africa, Middle East, and the Pacific Islands.  Their reach is wide spread and they are highly successful in their endeavors.

People believe that you have to belong to an organization like Greenpeace, Occupy, or the Peace Corps to make change.  This just is not true.  Our English class, for example, has changed for the better as a group.  We have learned about culture, culinary delights, and educated ourselves through the self-grading of papers.  A large, funded group is not needed to make change for the better and the very people, in the class I now sit in, may become the next Steven King or Anne Rice.  That makes a change for the better.

When we talk of the power of we, we talk about a unity among people to get things done.  This noble passion should be what all humanistic beings should yearn to achieve.  Whether you are in the The Peace Corps, UNICEF, Greenpeace, or even just a community group, you should be attempting to help others and with the “Power of We” the better the chance to achieve your goal.

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    This blog relates to the communal assistance that Vacant Lot Gardening and other DIY projects bring together. A group of volunteers that help others.

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